In the Beginning

Welcome! This blog is an ever-evolving picture of the advice I would give myself if I would just get out of my own way and listen. It is a combination of the serious and the silly, the daily life trials and triumphs, the things I am thankful for now and the things I would love to go back in time and tell myself. It includes quotes and poems and  books that have resonated with me throughout my life. This blog is a dynamic experience that reflects my life and my thoughts, my dreams and my fears.

Here is the story of how it all began:

It was a fateful sunny afternoon. I was sitting on a bench visiting with a friend. Conversation meandered easily from life to relationships to aging to underwear to dinner to finding a favorite pair of jeans… When I suddenly found myself having a moment of complete clarity (or utter craziness). I felt as if I had floated outside my body and was hovering above myself where I heard myself say “If I were my own best friend I would…” and “Blah. Blah. Blah.” Then, POOF,  I was back in my body.

The remainder of that conversation is a blur to me.  I will now extend a heartfelt, “I’m sorry,” to my friend. I was listening to every word you said that day but there was a giant light bulb the size of an old volkswagen blinking at me. It was really distracting. My mind started rattling off questions, as if I were a bidder at a high-stakes auction and it was down to me and the guy across the aisle in the funny, brown plaid jacket with the great bowtie. 

As best I can remember the questions went something like this:

  1. Am I my own best friend? Shouldn’t I be my own best friend??
  2. If I’m not my own best friend, then who is?
  3. Who else would want the job? Does the job pay well? Are there benefits and a good retirement plan?
  4. If I am not my best friend, then who else knows me better AND can give me better advice on my own life?
  5. What about that whole objectivity thing? Isn’t there some truth to the idea that you can be too close to a problem to see it clearly? How much do I really care about objectivity?
  6. Is an out-of-body experience awesome or creepy or is it a moment of great personal objectivity?
  7. What flavor ice cream does that guy have… ’cause it looks really good and it’s hot outside and it’s pink and green and a little melty…
  8. Is this going to become one of those weird self-esteem moments where I think about loving and being kind to myself and encouraging myself to do my best? Is that really be a bad thing?

That’s what I remember. “Myself” floated back into myself and life went onward. However the phrase, “If I were my own best friend…” stuck with me.

I started writing myself advice in the margins of business papers and on the back of receipts and sometimes I would draw pictures to go with my advice. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and that saves me a lot of time writing! I started collecting quotes I liked and dog-earing passages in books that made me smile or think or just want to be a better person. I wrote random thank-you notes to the universe and I started writing poetry and thinking about life, the universe, and everything.

The upshot is: there is now a blog called “If I were my own best friend…” and I am it’s author.

I thank you sweet reader, in coming along for part of the ride! Buckle up, it will be fun!!

4 responses to “In the Beginning

  1. I love this new blog. Thanks for lightening up my day with your images and words. I look forward to being inspired as you bring more to the pages here. Thanks again,

  2. i love your blog too! thanks for being so honest and for sharing of yourself so freely!

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