A few updates.

I don’t have a specific topic today but instead a few random updates and thoughts.

  1. The squirrels – I wrote about the squirrels in my head a couple months back and the beginning of my adventures with meditation. The squirrels are still in there. And I am still meditating. And some days the squirrels are still as crazy as ever. But here is what I am finding about the squirrels – I like checking in with them at least once a day. On really crazy days I like checking in with them more often. And now, when I check in with them, they seem to quiet down a bit quicker and hang out a bit longer before returning to the land of crazy. Perhaps they are getting a little bit tamer?
  2. Two feet and the start of warmer weather – I still barely have two feet worth of patience. And now the weather is starting to warm up and we have added sandals to the mix of possible shoes in the mornings. Now, just to be clear, it is NOT sandals weather yet. We barely get above sixty degrees (Farenheit for all you non-US people) most days and it still rains on most days. But now I get to debate whether or not it is appropriate to wear sandals or shoes on a day when it is raining and forty degrees outside. Most days I nod and smile, let her put on the sandals and put more weather-appropriate shoes in her school bag. Most days she comes home in the other shoes. Am I enabling her by putting the other shoes in her bag to change into later? Or am I just trying to get out the door on time? Is she learning anything about picking out appropriate footwear? Or is she simply exerting her own opinions in anyway she can?
  3. The smell of quiet – Have you ever tried to smell quiet? Yes. I know quiet is something you generally hear (or don’t as the case may be). But have you ever thought about what is smells like for you? Does quiet have a taste? Does quiet have a feeling to it? The other night at dinner I said I wanted to smell quiet and the coolest thing happened. Everyone was quiet! So for me the smell of quiet was dinner (which happened to be pesto noodles) and my kids at the end of long day (a little bit muddy and a little bit like the outdoors) and chocolate (because there was a bowl of it near me). What does quiet smell like for you?
  4. A quote from Maya Angelou that has stayed with me for a few months and I keep referring back to it, especially on the rough days – “This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”

I wish you a beautiful rest of your day. Perhaps something in my updates will bring you a smile or cause you to reflect. Perhaps you will think about what quiet smells like in your life. Perhaps you will think about what a wonderful day it is today because it truly is one of a kind (even if it feels like nothing particularly special is happening).

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