Monthly Archives: May 2016



If boogers had value our family would be as rich as Bill Gates. Maybe even richer.

There has been a steady flow of boogies in our house from one person or another for the past 6 months. Imagine if they were actually worth something!

If dirty diapers were valuable we would also be rich.

And if sleepless nights or nights with broken sleep were worth something, well… 4 years of money coming in the door would pay off any debt, cover college education, and retirement as well. Woohoo!

If dirty clothes covered in some variety of food, drink or body fluids could be sold for money I could have quit my job and retired to my own island. With a staff. And a private beach. And a daily massage. And fresh squeezed juice every morning.

And if boo-boos or bruises had value, well, forget one island, I could buy a whole archipelago thank you very much.

But none of those things sells on the market.

So instead I will line my pockets with hugs and kisses and snuggles. With the smell of a baby after a bath. With the grasp of a little hand as we walk across a busy street. With a goofy smile and a squeal of delight when I pick them up after a long day at work. Because while those things may not make me as rich in the bank account, they fill my heart and soul with contentment.

And if someone out there wanted to send me a free supply of Kleenex for life, well, I certainly wouldn’t complain!