Foreign languages

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to learn another language.


***I love foreign languages. I love listening to other people speak them. I love reading them. I love that there are so many different languages in this world and they all result in communication between people. I love watching foreign films and do not even care if there are subtitles. 

I, however, do not seem to have the gift of learning other languages easily. I worked through 8 years of French in high school and college (please emphasize the word “work”). I have tried to learn Spanish four times now with very little success. I have read the studies on the importance of learning multiple languages and the cognitive changes that are seen in people who do know multiple languages. It’s a powerful thing! 

Last week someone wrote me in Latin and I was inspired! It was actually a text in Latin and I thought that was amusing because in my mind Latin is a very old language and texting is a very new thing and the combination of the two just made me smile. 

So in honor of learning new languages and expanding horizons I will complete this post in the only other language I have ever been able to master: pig Latin! 

Hankstay orfay eadingray! Ouyay reaay aay ovelylay umanhay eingbay ndaay uiteqay erseverantpay fiay ouyay reaay tillsay ecipheringday histay! Aymay histay nspireiay ouyay otay earnlay aay ealray oreignfay anguagelay! 

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