How to waste 30 minutes of life

Fair warning: This post is truly about how I wasted 30 minutes of time. No serious message. No thoughtful punchline. Just 30 minutes of a day – gone!


Here goes…

2 min – change clothes and get ready to go for a run (good for my health! yay!) – it’s raining but I like running in the rain so no rain jacket – bring on the sogginess!

2 min – walk to warm up (I’m getting older and it turns out walking really does help!)

30 seconds – get stung by bee on my achilles tendon (I wasn’t even 100 yards into my run – WTF??)

1 min – jump around like a crazy person, yell things like “$#()$&*(&GF*(N$JHGFU” and rub achilles area (feel mildly embarrased because junior high bus just drove by and unloaded some kiddos – junior high kids are now walking to the other side of the street to avoid me)

1 min – try to run again… realize I am just not that tough or that committed (I know it’s just a bee sting on my ankle but it hurts)

3 min – turn around and limp home… (sad, so sad…where is my comittment? I think the bee took it when it dive-bombed my poor open ankle)

4 min – do sit-ups and push-ups to feel less guilty about not jogging today – minor redemption.

5 min – turn on TV and hunt for Sex and the City re-runs. Pointedly avoid all important activities like preparing dinner, folding laundry, taking a shower (do I really need to since I did not even break a sweat??), completing charting from recent clinical rotation, filing nails…

2 min – no Sex and the City re-runs. Hmmmm. Readjusting on couch. Comfy. Ankle starting to swell and turn red. Yuck.

1 min 30 seconds – hello ESPN!

8 min – watch Fantasy Football update. Try to decide which of my wide receivers to play this week. Hah! Like watching 8 minutes of ESPN is going to allow me to make any sort of educated decision about who to play. And while I’m at it – what on earth am I doing in a fantasy football league anyway. Talk about a great way to waste time! So far I have mostly made sure my line-up is all active for the given week and that’s about it. I am 2 and 3, not a big surprise. But it is a fun distraction.

There you go 30 minutes that could have been an enjoyable run got completely derailed by a stupid bee. What the heck are bees doing out and about in October anyway??? And I was not even running through bushes or brush – I was on a sidewalk! Where did the stupid bee even come from? Did it just decide, “hey, winter is coming and I’m going to kick it soon anyway, so why not go out with a bang?!?! Ooooh, an ankle, I’m going in. Buuzzzzz.”

And finally, to finish off this completely pointless post – getting stung on the Achilles hurts bad. Real bad. I don’t know if getting stung where one has a bit more, ahem, padding, feels any better, but there is nothing on my Achilles. And now it is red and swollen and hurts anytime I flex my ankle, which is quite often. So there you go.

Now I not only wasted 30 minutes doing the above… I wasted another 30 blogging about it. And you, dear reader, wasted however much time you spent reading about it. 🙂

Next post will be more meaningful I swear, more in line with what this blog is usually about! Today was just a peek into my real life. Glamorous eh??

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