Shining Star where are you?

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to…


… seek out the shining stars of customer service and support them!

***Where has really great customer service gone? It seems to have mostly disappeared. Been hidden behind rocks or in corners or stuffed at the back of closets. Instead it seems I am the recipient of a lot of surly comebacks, unhelpful comments, nasty attitudes, frowns and generally just not nice service. 

This morning I went into an independent shop that mails packages. I asked for help with mailing and tracking something. The reply was, “I don’t do that.” When I explained again what I needed the reply was, ” I don’t do that, what did you not understand the first time?” Hmm. 

What happened to please or thank you or I’m sorry or you’re welcome. It makes me sad. Especially when I have gone into an establishment who’s primary purpose is to provide a service to its customers. 

So I am constantly searching for those great shining stars that are hidden amongst the flotsam and jetsam. And when I find them I make a point of going back again and again. Of thanking the person who took good care of me. Of letting the management know what a great job someone has done. I am hopeful that by supporting these amazing and increasingly rare businesses that it will turn the tide. I encourage you to do the same. 

Seek out the shining stars of great customer service. And even better, if you are in a service position think about providing it. Taking the time to care, listen and empathize – it may make all the difference! 

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