An Ode to Swimsuit shopping.


Twas the first day of summer and the sounds from upstairs

sounded a lot like pain and despair.

After digging through drawers I’d found last years suits…

the unfortunate news was they needed the boot.

The blue one had faded and now looked quite white,

I’m pretty sure wearing it wouldn’t be a good sight.

The purple and black one dissolved in my hands,

an evil swimsuit imp had ravaged these lands!

I took a deep breath and knew what was next –

Swimsuit Shopping! (I’d rather face death).

To the gods of the swimsuit I ask, “please be kind!”

All I request is the suit cover my behind!

I am not one strut, show off beauty or brawn,

I’m kindly entreating, “no floss and no thong!”

I am curvy and dimpled and not very busty,

I do not need a suit that is sexy or lusty.

Some spandex, some nylon, a practical cut –

for swimming and jumping it needs to stay up!

A color or pattern, maybe something bright??

Oh goddess of swimsuits, just don’t make it white!

I head now with hope to the stores to go roaming,

In hunt of a swimsuit I am proud to be owning.

I will enter the dressing rooms laden with choices,

and hopefully emerge triumphant and boisterous…

“Thank you,” I will cry to the god of swimsuits,

“the flourescent lights weren’t so bad or uncouth –

Even with emphasis on all of my dimples –

I still found a suit that is lovely and simple!”

I may on try on twenty or thirty or fifty,

but at the end of the day the fit will be nifty!

“So be gone now,” I say to despair and pain,

a swimsuit I need and so it shall be claimed.

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