The last 10 weeks…


***Ah, the last 10 weeks. It has been an endless rush to jump through hoops and meet deadlines. Then more hoops and more deadlines. Then deadlines and hoops. And so on. 

I have survived and just recently emerged for a week and a half break before I dive back into the maze of hoops and deadlines that is known as graduate school. Hmmph.

Have you ever experienced this in your life? A time when you are just going from one task to the next to the next and you know that if you keep putting one foot in  front of the other you will get there, but in the middle there can be moments when it feels really overwhelming. 

That is why I added color to my hoops and deadlines. Sometimes a little splash of color makes all the difference! If you are caught in the maze or the hamster-wheel or the treadmill or whatever analogy you want to draw I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Keep stringing those small tasks together and ultimately they result in something big! 

So in keeping with the theme of this blog – “if I were my own best friend I would remind myself to add a little color to the daily tasks of life and to keep going – it will pay off in the end!”

8 responses to “The last 10 weeks…

  1. So Timely!!!

  2. Color….I love it!

  3. Take a deep Breath , go look for a rainbow or a beautiful sunset!!! ENJOY!

  4. You are amazing Rachel! Congrats on everything you continue to accomplish!

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