The gift of an elephant (Part 2).

I wanted to respond to a few private comments I have received regarding my most recent post on the gift of an elephant…

  1. I love elephants – both the animal and the type of gift they represent. I think they’re great creatures, one of my favorites actually, which is why I pick on them a lot in this blog. 
  2. I am much better at giving, then receiving… but I’m working on it (let the psychoanalysis begin!)
  3. When you are disadvantaged at receiving gifts (meaning it makes you uncomfortable) being given an elephant is really really hard. (Again… I’m working on it!)
  4. If you personally want to give someone an elephant I say “Go for it!”
  5. If you personally want to give me an elephant I say “Go for it!” I have a decent sized backyard I (not huge, not small) that could happily fit one elephant. It needs fertilizing. I think the elephant could really help out! (It’s a bit cold right now though and I don’t have a place in the house to happily keep an elephant…)
  6. If I offended anyone by suggesting I was unhappy about the offer of elephants I want to apologize. I recognize the gift and the spirit it is given in. I am just uncomfortable with the size of the gift (refer to #2 and #3).
  7. And finally… please refer back to #4 and #5. I think that’s the most important thing in her. Go give an elephant to someone if it makes you happy!

Thanks again for reading! Anyone received or given an elephant lately??

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