A new addition.

Hello everyone!

My apologies for the long silence. I just wanted to let you know I am still here!

On May 4th there was a big (well, let’s make that BIG) change in my life. I had a baby. A wonderful little baby boy.

He has changed my life in ways I could not ever have imagined. The first four weeks of motherhood have been an amazing, exhausting, exhilarating, terrifying, rewarding adventure that changes every day, hour, minute…

Before he arrived I had plans to pre-write a number of posts and be ready to go for afterwards. Something about “business as usual.” And then he arrived two and a half weeks earlier than planned. And all plans went out the window.

Posting may be spotty for the next few months, but please know I am here. I have many thoughts and ideas to share about being “your own best friend” – most of them seem to come to me somewhere between the hours of 2 and 4 am (hours I have not been so well acquainted with for quite sometime).

Thanks for reading! I will be back in the saddle soon and look forward to sharing, drawing, and posting more when I am a little less sleep deprived. πŸ™‚

5 responses to “A new addition.

  1. Congratulations rachel! So happy for you!

  2. Who knows…maybe sleep deprivation will allow you to tap into a whole new creative side of yourself! Can’t wait to see what you create next…I am envisioning something about dynamic diaper changes πŸ˜‰

    • There are so many things to say about diaper changes… it might become a whole new category or maybe even a whole new blog. So many possibilities!

  3. Ingrid Burnett

    So very exciting Rachel — all my best to everyone at home!! All the firsts in life — and what’s so great is they just keep on coming for you all to ENJOY! BIG HUGS all around!

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