Monthly Archives: May 2012

Thanks for elastic waist bands.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to be thankful for…

  1. elastic waist bands
  2. extra pillows
  3. massages
  4. luke warm baths
  5. cat naps.

***With Mother’s Day on May 13th, this one is for anyone who has ever been pregnant, taken care of someone who is pregnant, lived with someone who is pregnant, loved someone who is pregnant…

Pregnancy often results in motherhood. This is about the ninth month of pregnancy and the things that make it bearable. Thank you to everyone who is a mother, is in the process of becoming a mother, or loves or supports a mother. 

Happy (early) Mothers Day! 



If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to think about different types of transitions…

***Transitions may be very different from one another. Some are very obvious from the outside. Others create only a subtle external change, but are equally as powerful. Still others don’t change anything on the surface, but internally everything is different. 

Yet, they are all transitions. A change has happened. They are all powerful in their own ways. They all result in something being transformed on the other side. So why, in this life, do we so often acknowledge and celebrate the transitions we can see, when the ones we cannot see are just as powerful and life-changing?