Monthly Archives: April 2012

Change it Up.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to think about changing it up.

***I love to run. It is one of my favorite things to do. So the rectangular box on the left of the drawing is my idea of running, based on some random symbols. 

But right now… I cannot run. No how. No way. Not happening. 

So after being angry. And depressed. And grumpy. And sad. And sedentary. I decided to try doing something productive instead… I thought about what running actually is for me. I broke it down into a bunch of different components. Then I put those into a soup (the middle wobbly-looking circle thing), then I added a few more things that could go with running, but usually don’t. Then I asked myself a few questions. 

What do I love most about running? What are the essential elements of running that make me happy? Can I keep doing those things? What can I pair with those essential things that would allow me to still find some joy, but not injure myself in the process? 

It actually worked! I found three new options (the boxes on the right) that keep the essential stuff together (in this case the heart and the smiley face) and add something different. It makes me less grumpy, less sedentary, and much more happy! I also found that I really enjoy two of the activities and I never would have tried them otherwise. Yay! 

When I look back, I realize it is not really about the running. It is really about finding those things that bring you joy. Figuring out what part is the really, truly joyful part and then reproducing that in many different ways. You might despise running, that’s fine! Substitute the word ‘yoga’ or ‘skydiving’ or ‘cooking’ or ‘raising snakes’ or ‘hot sauce tasting’ or… whatever you love to do and see if that helps.

Have you “run” into an obstacle like this in your life lately? How did you get over it or around it or under it? Or are you still stuck on the other side? 


Soon vs. Now.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

Now is better than soon.

***It is springtime and I have flowers and bulbs on the brain. There are so many ways to illustrate this thought, but I figured this is seasonal. “Now” is about doing it today – not procrastinating or getting bogged down in planning or making excuses or taking your time. It is not the same as “soon” – which means sometime in the future. “Now” means action and usually means taking a chance. 

It makes me think of bulbs finally blossoming. “Now” means there are flowers and something to appreciate. “Soon” means there is something brewing underground that  may or may not make an appearance. 

Obviously planning and preparation are important and everything in life cannot be “now” – but there is a point where “soon” has outlived it’s usefulness and “now or never” is the reality. So you jump, or the opportunity that is “now” will disappear. 

Are you stuck at “soon”??? Have you made the leap to “now”?? I am trying to be more “now” and less “soon” but the planner in me makes it hard, that and the fear of the unknown! That’s also what makes it fun and worth taking the risk. Aaaah, the double-edged swords!