Tangled Breathing…

If I were my own best friend I would implore myself to take the time to….

breathebreathebreathe breathe   breathe     breathe

***Well… sorry for the multiple posts today. I finally had a chance to make a few updates and scan in a few images that have been patiently waiting in the notebook. It turns out I’m a bit rusty in the actual “making a post” department and I was recklessly tabbing through a few screens and “poof” – another post (obviously unfinished) got published! (This update will wipe out the original unfinished, so if you did not get it via email… it’s gone now!) 

Instead of leaving an unfinished post hanging out to dry, I figured I would simply overload your poor inbox today with the completed version. I am very sorry for the goof-up!

In retrospect (a whole 120 seconds of retrospect) it does seem rather relevant that this was the post I launched early… it was going to be about slowing down and taking the time to untangle your life and your priorities and finding the time to breathe. It was going to be about sorting out the “life lines” of your life and focusing on those, so that you have the time to take care of yourself and be at your best. 

This is easier said than done. The last 3 months of my life are a testament to that. But I am finally taking the time today to start straightening things out a bit and finding my way back to center. To a place where it is not just “okay” but actually expected to take the time to tune in to myself and just breathe. 

I wish you a peaceful day and hope you are finding ways to take time for yourself in some small measure. 

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