If I were my own best friend I would remind myself that….

Opinions are like elbows.

  • most people have more than one
  • occasionally they can be bent under the right conditions
  • sometimes they are pointed
  • they have a strong position and a weak one

***I know there are other analogies out there about what body part opinions are most like… but I like elbows! It is an election year – a big election year. And after listening to part of the Arizona Republican candidate debate this evening I was struck by how many opinions people can have. 

This is not something new. It is just something I am especially reminded of during an election cycle, particularly a presidential one. I am not particularly political (although I do read about each candidate or issue and vote in every election I can). But if you put me in a room with a bunch of people debating current issues and politics I would most likely try to blend into the furniture and stay pretty quiet (except for a couple of key topics I am passionate about, but that is not the point of this post… it is about elbows or opinions!).

So, while I am not a political person by nature, I do like listening to the debates and observing the “fancy dancing” that sometimes comes with stating an opinion or changing an opinion or delivering a pointed blow with an opinion.  All of which happened this evening. And speaking of fancy dancing, what I would really love to see are all these candidates dressed up for a square dance in ruffled shirts, tight pants, big belt buckles and boots. Throwing their elbows out left and right, hooking each other, swinging in circles, then changing partners and swinging round in the other direction, all in time with the music. Can’t you just picture it?? I think it might loosen things up and add a whole fun new element to the debates. 

Have you ever square danced before? How do you see it fitting into the presidential debates? Are you politically inclined or involved? And while we’re jumping topics, have you paid any attention to your elbows lately? Are they dry? Are they pointed? Are they strong? How about your opinions? 

One response to “Opinions.

  1. The vision of candidates dressed in those outfits square dancing puts a smile on my face.

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