Eating an Elephant.

If I were my own best friend I would think about…

How do you “eat an elephant”?

***Let’s just kick this off by saying – I am NOT eating an elephant, or thinking about it, or wanting to. I like elephants. I have no interest in ever actually tasting one. Yuck. 

What I am trying to figure out, is… where do you start??? When the task or combination of tasks in front of you is so big and it feels like you have a tiny little fork and a giant elephant and someone is saying you must eat the whole thing, bite by bite. What do you do??? 

The productive answer would be to dig in, pick a corner and just get started (perhaps the metaphorical pink polka-dots are a nice place to jump in?). The less productive, but much more desired  option is to take the day off – shove the elephant in the refrigerator (it’ll keep!), put a padlock on it, and go catch a matinee movie. Unfortunately, that is just not a realistic option today… so you’ll find me at my desk, working through “my elephant” bite by bite. 

And maybe next week (if I’m really focused and get through the whole elephant) I CAN catch the matinee movie! 

One response to “Eating an Elephant.

  1. Yum. Tastes like chicken.

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