Happy Thanksgiving.

Warmest wishes for a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

May it be filled with all your favorite things.

***I love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. I have great memories of Thanksgiving and big gatherings of family and friends. I remember people cycling in and out of the kitchen, grabbing something to snack on, heading back to watch football, play a board game, play ping-pong. I remember sledding and drinking hot chocolate. I remember mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies. I remember this strange day-glo green jello mold that only shows up on Thanksgiving. I remember green bean casseroles and steaming hot bread rolls, fresh out the oven. Mostly though I remember all the people and the laughter and stories. 

I hope that whatever you are doing for this Thanksgiving it is full of something or someone you love. Everyone has different favorites – maybe your day is quiet, relaxed and doesn’t involve pumpkin pie. Whatever your Thanksgiving looks like – I hope it is peaceful, pleasant, and warm. 

I will be back on Monday – in the meantime – Happy Thanksgiving! 

2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. all of these illustrations are…your own!? ohmygoodness, you’re an incredible artist!

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