Don’t be the Early Worm.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself…

the early worm is more likely to be eaten by the bird… therefore, sleep late!

***So if I were a happy little worm snuggled up in a cozy corner of my worm-hole, under a big soft downy comforter and it were dawn I would seriously think about not getting up. Especially if I knew I had a higher likelihood of being breakfast for a big, loud squawky type of bird (that’s just going to end up pooping on my car later). Not a good way to start the morning! 

Why not decrease my risk of major bodily harm and sleep in?? I like decreasing risk! It’s the same thing I do when I wear my seatbelt, or look both ways before I step into the street, or put on a bike helmet!  Now if I come back in another life as a worm I have one-up survival knowledge over other worms! Sweet. 

P.S. In the interest of sleeping late this weekend I did want to remind people it’s daylight savings time! Fall back, gain an hour! 

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