If I were my own best friend I would…

<tell myself to have a Happy Friday and  Happy weekend!>

***Hhhhmmmm…. what’s missing today??? Aah, yes, the picture! That’s right, you observant people – there is no picture today. My apologies for this; we should be back online come Monday. 

So what happened? Last night I began the process  of scanning in the drawing for today and I LEARNED something about my scanner. It will not scan when it is out of ink. I cannot bypass this. I cannot shortcut around it. I have to refill the ink cartridge (this is not a useful feature at 10 pm). You see my scanner is also a printer and apparently it will not work if it has run out of ink. While that seems inconvenient and kind of poorly designed to me, I have LEARNED that there is nothing I can do about it, except replace the ink cartridge. 

Hence (to pull from yesterday’s advice), my planned post is the car and my printer is the bird. Oh well. 

So with that said let me just say again “Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!” See you on Monday (with a picture). 

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