If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

Carve a pumpkin.

***I’m feeling a little seasonal right now. Embrace fall. Carve pumpkins. Next thing you know I’ll be telling myself to get a costume and go trick-or-treating! 

So this thought, about pumpkin carving, also came from a walk I took this week. I am so amazed by the creativity of people and what they can do with a simple pumpkin. I am also amazed by the variety of pumpkins that exist now. I’m pretty sure when I was kid pumpkins came in orange or orange or maybe orange. Then there were the small, medium, so-large-I-need-help-carrying-it sizes. And finally there were round, oblong and slightly misshapen. 

Not anymore! I’ve seen every shape (except square, but I’m sure someone somewhere is working on breeding a box-like pumpkin shape), so many different colors (it’s not just orange anymore!), and the large size needs another term now, like gargantuan-monstrous-eating-the-front-porch. 

So in the spirit of all this crazy-pumpkin-carving-madness… I am hoping to pick one up this weekend, grab a knife, some newspapers, and go to town. Have you carved a pumpkin this year? If so, what sort of design?? Would you be willing to share a picture with me?!?! 

P.S. I’m also hoping to save the pumpkin seeds a do a little roasting. Aaah, nostalgia. 

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