If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

Save the Earth.

It’s the only planet with chocolate.

***So imagine you are out cruising the interspace highway in your shiny red rocket ship and you blow past Mercury when you see a satellite floating around with a sign that says “Only 57,000,000 miles to chocolate”. The sign is all-a-glow and flashing, just like those signs you see on the highway for burgers, girls, or Pea Soup Andersens.  You keep on cruising and Venus flashes by you in the side window… only 26,000,000 miles now! Dark or milk or maybe white you start thinking… candy bar or truffle or hot chocolate? 

You start to work your way over to the exit lane, still cruising at a good speed. And somehow you end up stuck behind a cargo space ship that’s kicking up all sorts of space dust and debris on your shiny red rocket ship, and it’s going a good 10,000,000 miles an hour under the speed limit. Gggrrr. 

What’s a chocolate-loving-space-adventurer to do?? Well, of course you zip around on the left, unfortunately missing the exit for Earth in the process, and the last chance for chocolate anywhere in the galaxy. Next thing you know you’re at Mars and there’s a gaudy flashing sign that totally clashes with Mars’ red, and you have to go back 48,000,000 miles or find something else to snack on. Bummer. 

So the moral of the story is 3-fold: Save the Earth. Be patient (even if you’re stuck behind a truck). And eat chocolate. 

Addendum: I cannot take credit for the thought “Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.” It was shared with me via email and I just felt inspired by it. If anyone knows the original author/authoress of this thought please let me know! 

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