Blue Jeans.

If I were my own best friend I would…

… remind myself to buy only jeans that fit.

(and that I’m comfortable wearing)

***Does anyone else do this?? You’re in the store. You try on the jeans in the dressing room. They’re not quite right, but they’re pretty close. You love the color or the length or the details. You can mostly sit down comfortably. And they cover almost everything you want them to cover. And you can definitely zip them up if you don’t eat for 24 hours previous to wearing them. Why?!?!?

Why not buy jeans that fit?? Why not find THE pair that meets ALL the requirements? Why have 5 different pairs of jeans, none of which really fits quite right, that you never want to wear?

This is my new commitment to myself – if it does not fit it is not coming home with me. Period.

2 responses to “Blue Jeans.

  1. Love it- I have a pair in my drawer right now that still don’t fit

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