Learn something new.

If I were my own best friend I would set myself up to…

Learn something new.

like stand-up paddle boarding.

***So, it doesn’t have to be stand-up paddle boarding. This just happens to be the most recent new thing I learned how to do. (And it was an amazing experience that involved sea lions on a buoy a couple hundred yards off-shore, sunshine, and ocean waters!)

More importantly, pick something you want to learn, something that excites or intrigues or fascinates you. Then sign up for a class or read a book or find a friend to teach you or find a friend to take a class with you or make a new friend in your class or teach yourself. Expanding your knowledge base, learning something new, challenging yourself to grow – it all keeps you younger and happier. So why not??

What have you learned recently? What is the last class you took? How did you feel afterwards?

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