Open doors.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

Look for open doors.

Walk through. Explore. Live.

*But look out for the frame (open doors can still leave a bruise).

***I would love to say this one is purely metaphorical, but it’s not. Quite recently I opened a door (wide open), strode confidently and quickly forward, and bashed my forehead right into the door frame. It was a brilliant move. It left a nice bruise. 

Hence, my practical advice to myself, is to look for the frame around the door. It can (and will) leave a bruise if given the opportunity.

My theoretical advice to myself, is somewhat similar: seek out open doors. take chances and walk through. but be aware there are risks associated with each new door you enter. With every opportunity (or open door) there are chances for growth and change. With change there comes risk and with risk there can be the chance of injury. Just like an unnoticed door frame! However, even with the risks I will keep seeking out open doors.

Have you run into a door frame lately, literally or figuratively?

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