Thanks for Weekends.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to…

Listen to what others are grateful for:

  1. 3 days weekends
  2. date nights
  3. a view of the mountains from the bedroom

***Thank you for letting me know what you are thankful for!  I love it when a post presents itself and I get to imagine and draw pictures for the thoughts. Fun!

I’m also equally partial to 3-days weekends or maybe 4-day weekends, 5-day weekends… what about a 2-day workweek and a 5-day weekend on a regular basis?? I think someone wrote a book about that… a 4-hour workweek?  It’s ringing a few bells; I might have to hunt that down! 


One response to “Thanks for Weekends.

  1. I’m grateful for not having to set an alarm each day anymore!

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