Go Outside in Yosemite

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

when life seems overwhelmingly HEAVY –


Explore a new place…

Photo- by me (Yosemite- tunnel view in April)

*** Sometimes I need to go somewhere new. Smell the air and the forest. Breathe it in. See the colors and the light dance. Watch the sun play in the mist of a waterfall, making a rainbow. Life feels less heavy and more bearable. While thousands have come before me and seen this place (and thousands more will still come) I am inspired by the beauty. For me it is new in this moment.

Sometimes there are days when I need to remember the beauty of nature and the rebirth that happens each day as the sun sets and then rises again. Do you have a place you go to or think about when you are feeling overwhelmed by this life? Does it have to be a new place or can it be the same place each time that provides you with a moment of peace?

2 responses to “Go Outside in Yosemite

  1. Rachel. You are the “Bob Ross” of prose!! (Remember the guy who paints “happy trees” and “this cloud needs another little friend?”)

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